Calgary Motorcycle Club

It's not what you's who you ride with!

Lunch Break in the Waterton townsite

Welcome to the Calgary Motorcycle Club!

The Calgary Motorcycle Club, affectionately known as the CMC, was founded in 1926 making it one of the oldest clubs in Canada.

The club promotes activities and supports interest in all forms of safe and responsible motorcycling , especially touring and off-road riding.

Our Mission

To promote all aspects of motorcycling and to provide safe and exciting events for members and the motorcycle community at large.

Riding with CMC

It doesn't matter the brand , style or size of motorcycle you ride; you're welcome to join CMC. The only requirements to ride with us are a valid drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement ,in Alberta that's a class 6; a safe motorcycle and safe riding habits....

Oh Yes! a passion for motorcycling and a CMC membership.

balfour ferry 

Balfour Ferry - Kootenay Lake Road Ride